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A night in Venice! - 12th June 2019

Join us for "a night in Venice'' as we cook traditional Venetian food! Cuisine in the Italian region of Veneto varies dramatically due to its geography.

Polenta is what could be considered the universal staple food of the region! Gnocchi, risotto + ravioli cover the table. Also bigoli; a thick noodle made with wholewheat flour and extruded through a bigalaro! Along the Eastern coast the local markets are flooded with fresh seafood! Corn dominates the markets; and radicchio is another favourite; a purple bitter lettuce.

Wine = Prosecco! Veneto also famous for more than everyone’s favourite sparkling! Amarone, soave, bardolino and valpolicella are some of Veneto’s more famous wine exports! Bold + dry reds and whites really distinguish it from any other region!

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